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A New Spin

Start a new year with a fresh perspective. The chance to build a positive outlook can come from taking a new look at an old situation. To bring change in our world means to take a chance on new information. New information can release the fresh perspective and help us to become unstuck or to get excited in different areas of our outlook. Only today did some new information help me change and deepen my understanding of breathing for singing. It takes time to build a working knowledge and understanding of the physiology of singing and it's like a 'lightbulb moment' when it comes together and makes sense. When I think back to the approaches to singing when I began and the depth of understanding because of technology and scientific development that we have now I am amazed I even opened my mouth to sing back then! I love being on the lookout for ideas that deepen my understanding or unlock a whole new experience so this new information has brought a fresh excitement as I start the new year of teaching. I can't wait to discover how this will enrich our singing journey, together


So is it time to create a fresh perspective on your singing journey? Do you need a new spin in an old area so you can become unstuck? Go on, do it now. Build into your understanding and enrich your experiences to live a larger life.

What are you waiting for...

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