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I'm never late for the theatre!

Hugh Jackman - the very name is synonymous with theatre, movies, music and a genuine interest in connecting and inspiring his audience. In this interview we see a little snippet of what it is for an actor to give of themselves so that the audience can be involved in an "experience" not just another performance.

I think that the goal of performing is to always draw in an audience so that they are undeniably altered or moved from the experience. Therefore, performing belongs in the realm of 'what can I give?', not 'what accolades can I receive?'. Remembering this fact alone keeps the experience alive and real for both performer and audience and connects in an authentic, non try-hard way.

This is the reason that Hugh Jackman is so well loved and his career will remain stellar.

I, for one, am always won over by a genuine performance over a correct one every time. That is because I want my soul to be undeniably altered by the genuine passion that is theatre.

P.S. I'm going to see him in concert in September and I can't wait!

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